Utility Surveying

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Working closely with one of the UK’s most experienced utility management companies Stafsurv are able provide a range of leading edge, non intrusive investigation services to the utility and engineering sectors.

Utility surveying allows us to locate and gather information on underground services. Surveying these services, in a non intrusive way, can allow for huge cost savings of rerouting services or locating them preconstruction.


Using the latest GPS & Robotic Total Stations paired with experience and innovation in our practice.

Measured Building

With a vast knowledge base to produce floor plans, elevations and sections.

Setting Out &
Site Engineering

A wealth of experience and knowledge in setting out, establishing control networks and precision monitoring.

Quarry, Landfill &
Earthwork Surveys

Extensive work with leading operators in this industry.

Cut & Fill Strategies

Experts in providing detailed 3D ground models to aid clients with material planning and earthworks.

Site Design &
Volume Calculations

Aiding with the accurate planning of material requirements and movement to be as cost effective for our clients.

Utility Surveying

Providing a range of non intrusive services to the utility sector.


Accurate surveying of rivers, canals, ponds, streams and lakes using either radio controlled technology or manned boat to obtain soft/hard bed levels.